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a shrine to excellence, michael's michelle kwan page

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want michelle's autograph?

there are many ways to go about this... here are some ideas:

-the old fashioned approach-

if you are ever at a skating competition or somewhere michelle is appearing, try asking! be sure to have something for her to autograph and possibly a writing utensil too! if you are at COI, try waiting near the skaters' tour bus after the show. that is how my friend got michael weiss' autograph.

-the silent approach-

perfect if you are too shy to approach michelle, or if you will go into hysterics and scream and cry if you get that close to her ;). if you go to a skating competition, throw a stuffed animal with your name and address attached to it down to the ice after she skates. at exhibitions or shows, such as COI, you can't do this, but if you are ever in a predicament like that, you can try to find someone who will give it to her. that is how I got my autograph, my friend went to COI and went down to the ice and gave my addressed beanie baby to a man who told her he would give it to michelle. I got my photo about 3 months later.

-the long distance approach-

many have been known to receive an autographed photo after writing to michelle, around 2 weeks to 3 months after sending the letter, depending on what part of the year it is. try enclosing a self addressed, stamped envelope big enough to fit a 5x7 photo in. go to the "contact michelle" page on this site to find mailing addresses for michelle.

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
small picture: © Disney