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michelle on tv

be sure to double-check your local listings!

2003 US Nationals

takes place 1.16-19, in Dallas, TX
Ladies RERUN >> 1.26, 5-7:00pm EST & PST on ESPN

2003 Grand Prix Final
takes place 2.28-3.2, in St. Petersburg, Russia
3.15, 1-3:00pm EST on ABC
3.17, 8:30-10:30pm EST on ESPN
more information regarding these times may be added at a later date

2003 World Championships
takes place 3.27-30 in Washington, DC, USA
Ladies Qualifying (?) >> 3.27, 9-11:00pm EST on ABC
Ladies SP & LP >> 3.29, 8-11:00pm EST on ABC [LIVE long program]
more times, including reruns, may be added at a later date

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The USFSA's TV Schedule

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
small picture: © J. Barry Mittan