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a shrine to excellence, michael's michelle kwan page

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banners for this site

#1, my prototype made with some new software

#2, animated

#3, more plain

#4, soft-edged "Hands" pics

#5, another version of #4,
but with a different background color and less "busy"

#6, playing around with various pics
photos: a spiral from Hands, a pose from The World is Not Enough

#7, an experiment in layering techniques
a poll at MKF showed that this is most MKFers' favorite banner of mine

a banner I made in honor of michelle's 2000 world title

#8, trying out some new things

#9, another venture into white backgrounds

#12, making use of screenshots and different background

#13, new background color, an experiment

a note: banners 1-7 and the 2000 worlds banner show the URL of the old version of this site, if you link to this site with these banners, please use as the link. thanks!

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission