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a shrine to excellence, michael's michelle kwan page

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magnetic poetry
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Michelle Kwan is a legend on ice
The evil judge was blind to her brilliance
I love Michelle's Rachmaninoff program !

people: Michelle Karen Ron Estella Danny Kwan Tofu Brad_Ference Irina_Slutskaya Sarah_Hughes Tara_Lipinski Maria_Butyrskaya Sasha_Cohen Brian_Boitano Todd_Eldredge Timothy_Goebel Katarina_Witt Kristi_Yamaguchi Peggy_Fleming judges commentators audience fans competitors
places: California Torrence Los_Angeles El_Segundo Lake_Arrowhead Nagano Salt_Lake_City Nice New_York Vancouver China Russia Europe Canada Australia
verbs: live won win skate jump spin laugh hug walk kiss play sing stop fall feel emote love accept grin are is was can would should will
adjectives: wonderful beautiful perfect legendary stunning happy gold silver bronze young old
pronouns: she her he his it its they their them I my you your us our
things: Olympics Nationals Worlds skates medal website ice costume hair face
endings: s s s es es ly ly ing ing
more words: in on around through out of during













Color Block Line: original photo by Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission