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competition news on michelle
NOTE: these articles and/or their headlines may contain SPOILERS

World Championships
Kwan leads dazzling U.S. trio to worlds (01.20.03)

-Kwan Wins 7th U.S. Figure Skating Title (01.19.02)
-Kwan Ices Her 7th U.S. Title (01.19.03)
-Lucky 7 for Kwan (01.19.03)

-Kwan controls short program; Hughes, Cohen are no match for 5-time champion (01.17.03)
-Kwan wins short program at U.S. Figure Skating Championships (01.17.03)
-Kwan Dazzles to Lead After Short Program (01.17.03)
-Kwan wins short program at U.S. Figure Skating Championships (01.17.03)

-Kwan still in love with her sport (01.15.03)
-Kwan, Cohen to challenge Hughes at U.S. nationals (01.15.03)
-Quite a trio: Kwan, Hughes and Cohen (01.14.03)
-Kwan leaves future plans on ice (01.13.03)
-Young guns itching for Kwan (01.12.03)

Skate America
-Kwan wins seventh Skate America title (10.27.02)
-Kwan wins her 7th title (10.27.02)
-'Relaxed' Kwan takes short program (10.25.02)
-Kwan provides star power to Spokane's Skate America (10.24.02)
-It's back to the rink for Kwan (10.23.02)
-Kwan to fill in for injured Hughes (10.19.02)
-Kwan to Replace Injured Hughes (10.19.02)
-Hughes out for Skate America and Skate Canada, Kwan in (10.18.02)

Campbells International Figure Skating Challenge
-Kwan, Yagudin Win at Campbell's (10.05.02)

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