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competition news on michelle
NOTE: these articles and/or their headlines may contain SPOILERS

Articles on 2002 World Championships
-Worlds promise continued drama (03.16.02)
-Slutskaya beats Kwan to win first world title (03.24.02)
-Slutskaya now on top of world (03.25.02)

Articles on 2002 Great American Figure Skating Challenge
-Hughes Joins Kwan In Skate Challenge (03.08.02)

Articles on 2002 Olympic Games
-Michelle Kwan in a class of her own (02.19.02)
-She'll Do It Her Way (02.19.02)
-History, hope meet as Kwan goes for gold (02.19.02)
-For Kwan, fun at hand, elusive gold within reach (02.19.02)
-Neither an oldie nor golden (02.19.02)
-Kwan Set for Women's Figure Skating (02.19.02)
- Kwan Takes Unorthodox Path to Games (02.19.02)
-All eyes on Kwan as women start on Tuesday (02.19.02)
-American figure skating trio goes for the gold (02.19.02)
-Figure Skating: Slutskaya-Kwan (02.18.02)
-All Eyes on Kwan As in Women's Short (02.18.02)
-Figure Skating: Kwan Under Attack in Class Field (02.18.02)
-Kwan seeks a place in history, calls Olympic gold `my hunger' (02.18.02)
-LADIES WHO LUTZ (02.18.02)
-Kwan Gets Favorable Draw (02.17.02)
-Three U.S. Women Share Olympic Ice (02.16.02)
-From Runway to Rink (02.14.02) Scroll down about halfway
-Kwan Goes It Alone at Winter Games (02.10.02)
-Cohen Invades Kwan's Space, Draws Ire (02.10.02)
-When egos collide: Kwan, Cohen avoiding new clash (02.10.02)
-Ice Wars Kwan vs. Cohen (02.09.02)
-Focus of Inquiring Minds (02.09.02)
-Kwan sticks around (02.09.02)
-Kwan to Enjoy Herself in Salt Lake City (02.09.02)
-Kwan finds home in Village (02.09.02)
-Cohen shelves risky jump, plans to go with safer routine (02.09.02)
-Kwan May Compete After Olympics (02.09.02)
-Women's Skating: U.S. women excited about medal chances (02.09.02)
-Kwan Savoring Third Olympic Experience (02.08.02)
-Solo Flight (02.08.02)
-Figure on Two For the Show (02.07.02)
-Smiling Kwan Welcomes Lead Role (02.07.02)
-History Favors Kwan, Not Plushenko (02.07.02)
-Playing a fame game (02.06.02)
-Cold War to Heat Up In Salt Lake Skating (02.06.02)
-Fleming's good wishes for Kwan / Ex-champ cheers on U.S. skating hopeful (01.30.02)
-AP's Olympic medal picks (01.25.02)
-Will US Figure Skater Michelle Kwan Finally Win Gold? (01.24.02)
-Kwan and Yagudin seek date with destiny (01.24.02)
-Fleming Says U.S. Women Will Shine (01.14.02)
-Eldredge, Kwan still in the hunt (01.14.02)
-Medal quest next for U.S. (01.13.02)
-Is Kwan's Goal Olympic Gold? (01.10.02)
-Kwan-tum Leaps (01.10.02)
-The greatest show on snow just a month away (01.08.02)

Articles on 2002 Nationals
-Kwan, daring to soar, wins sixth title (01.14.02)
-Kwan comes back strong in championships (01.14.02)
-Cohen gets right in the thick of things during warm-up (01.14.02)
-With 6th U.S. Title, Kwan Draws a Line in the Ice (01.14.02)
-Kwan Wins Sixth Title (01.13.02)
-Kwan dazzles younger rivals (01.11.02)
-The Sports: Notebook: Like it or not, Kwan to go first again (01.11.02)
-Kwan, Cohen lead glittering foursome (01.11.02)
-Kwan faces obstacles in try for Olympic gold (01.08.02)
-Kwan's fresh start could be the end / Games sound like her last hurrah (01.06.02)

Articles on 2001-02 Grand Prix Final
-Slutskaya triumphs as Kwan tumbles (12.17.01)
-Second Place Makes Kwan Comfortable (12.16.01)
-Skaters have a hard day's night at the Aud (12.15.01)
-Kwan Stumbles On (12.15.01)
-Rink Is Filled With Intrigue (12.14.01)
-Olympic success may be next step (12.14.01)
-Kwan turns back clock in search of gold (12.13.01)
-Theme in Salt Lake: Let it snow (11.25.01) scroll down past "Step right up," mentions that Michelle, Sarah Hughes, Todd Eldredge, Timothy Goebel, and Kyoto Ina and John Zimmerman have qualified for the event.

Articles on 2001 Skate Canada:
-Hughes Holds on at Skate Canada (11.03.01)
-Hughes Defeats Slutskaya, Kwan; Yagudin Also Wins (11.03.01)
-Favorites Get Caught Short (11.03.01)
-Hughes leads after short program ahead of Kwan (11.02.01)
-Sale and Pelletier tops for Skate Canada pairs gold (11.01.01)
-Kwan, Slutskaya go toe-to-toe Figure skating rivals set sights on Olympic gold (10.31.01)

Articles on 2001 Skate America:
-Without Carroll, Kwan Wins; With Carroll, Goebel on Top (10.28.01)
-Coachless Kwan wins Skate America (10.28.01)
-Kwan wins 6th Skate America (10.28.01)
-First Part of Kwan's Solo Act Is Successful (10.26.01)
-No Surprises: Kwan has lead (10.26.01)
-Kwan All Alone Now (10.26.01)
-With dad in her corner, Kwan doesn't quite go it alone (10.26.01)

Articles on 2001 Masters of Figure Skating:
-Kwan Is Not Too Concerned About Defeat (10.15.01)

Articles on 2001 Goodwill Games:
-Slutskaya Wins at Goodwill Games (09.08.01)
-Kwan poised to make biggest gold strike of all (09.08.01)
-Olimpiada Ivanova Sets Track Record (09.06.01) scroll down toward the middle section
-True to her words: Kwan to try out Olympic program at Goodwill Games (09.04.01)
-Money the Name of the Goodwill Games (08.24.01)
-Goodwill Hunting Small mention, also scroll down to "Figure That."

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