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other news on michelle
This is all news that is not *quite* competition coverage.

-Figure skating star Kwan says gold or no gold, she's ready to move on (12.04.02)
-Kwan leaves Olympic disappointment behind (12.04.02)
-Her turn at Turin? (11.27.02)

-Skating Champion Michelle Kwan and Beloved Disney Princesses to Light Spectacular Disney Princess Holiday Tree (11.08.02)

-New judging system draws complaints, too (10.25.02)

-Kwan Opts Out of Grand Prix Season (07.07.02)

-Kwan's quandary (07.07.02)

-Pink is Kids' Choice (04.22.02)

-Champions Skate Fast, Fun, Flashy Show (04.22.02)

-Kwan wins Sullivan Award (04.09.02)

-Kwan not pro yet, mulling over 2006 Olympics bid (04.04.02)

-Jokes Aside, Kwan Looks to the Future (04.04.02)

-Hughes replaces Kwan as ice show's closing act (04.04.02)
-John Hancock Champions On Ice 2002 Olympic Tour Offers Spectacular Winter Games Encore (04.01.02)

-Female Celebs Flex More Than Star Power (03.13.02)

-Kwan a Finalist for Top Amateur (03.12.02)

-Kwan to Be Disney Spokeswoman (03.06.02)

-Golden Goal (02.05.02)

-Russian Skaters Fear for the Future (01.24.02)

-All Eyes on Kwan(01.07.02)

-American Expression (01.07.02)

-Button Has Never Been Known to Zip His Lip (01.07.02)

-Shock Absorber (01.06.02) on her breakup with Frank Carroll, includes quotes from Frank himself

-2002: A Year for Fans to Work Up a Sweat (01.04.02) Michelle mentioned on page 2.

-Spotlight eludes Slutskaya Russian hopes to turn heads at Salt Lake (01.03.02)

-Inman Awaits Judgment Day (01.01.02)

-Stars help soothe memories of Sept. 11 (12.30.01) scroll down to "U.S. Woman of the Year"

-Russian Skaters Look to Utah (12.28.01)

-Kwan relies on herself to weather tumultuous year (12.07.01) on Michelle's decisions made this season, esp. leaving Lori Nichol, Frank Carroll, and the revival of Rachmaninoff.

-Yamaguchi Remains a Figure (12.07.01) towards the end, Kristi discusses Michelle's decision to leave Frank Carroll.

-Kwan Chooses Routine (12.05.01)

-Kwan has grown up in her own special way (11.20.01)

-Star Skater(TM) Barbie(R) Cuts Through the Ice with The Help of Figure Skating Champion Michelle Kwan (11.19.01)

-Kwan Cuts Through All of Coaching Speculation (11.13.01)
-Skaters feel for Kwan's grasp for 'control' as she goes solo (10.25.01)
-As pressure builds, Kwan dumps coach (10.24.01)
-Kwan's decision may be jolt she needs to win gold (10.24.01)
-Kwan Splits With Coach Frank Carroll (10.23.01)
-Kwan splits with skating coach (10.23.01)
-Michelle Kwan Parts Ways With Coach Carroll (10.23.01)

-Cohen Tries New Spin in Bid to Make Team (10.03.01) includes quotes from Sarah Kawahara on Michelle's long program

-Weighing threats Olympians face tough travel decisions (10.03.01) scroll down to "Packing With Care"

-New carry-on restrictions have major effect on skaters (09.28.01)

- Capriati, Sorenstam lead pack for Sportswoman of Year (08.27.01)

-Stretch Drive (8.12.01)
about Michelle's working with Sarah K., her new long program, what her short program will be at the Goodwill Games. Need to scroll down past track info.

-Kwan seeks fresh artistry (8.02.01)

-Yamaguchi can relate to Kwan's golden goals (6.23.01)

color block line: original photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission