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a shrine to excellence, michael's michelle kwan page

Quote of the Moment: "Skating is in my heart, not my head." --Michelle Kwan

current news

03.25.02: Congrats to Michelle on her silver medal at Worlds! Also, Michelle has verified that she WILL be skating as an amateur next year! Good luck in 2003, Michelle!
03.13.02: Michelle's a finalist for the Sullivan Award!
02.18.02: I have added an ONLINE STORE to this site!


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03.25.02: Added photos to Scheherazade, Rachmaninoff, and Fields of Gold. Updated Current News, Competition News, TV Alerts, Photo of the Moment.
03.18.02: Happy Anniversary! Updated Competition News.
03.15.02: Updated Current News, MK on TV, Competition News, and Other News.


photo of the moment
a new photo everytime I get the impulse to change it!

The 2002 Ladies World Championship Podium

color block line and small picture: original photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
Picture in Poe button (below): © Atlantic Records
NOTE: All photos on this site are credited to the best of my knowlege. Please email me if I have made a mistake.


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