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a day in the life

skated at:

1999 masters of figure skating (1st)
1999 skate america (1st)
1999 skate canada (1st)
2000 japan open (1st)
2000 nationals (1st)
2000 grand prix final (2nd)
2000 worlds (1st)

type of program: short program

song info:
the beatles' song "A Day in The Life"
composed by John McCartney and John Lennon
performed by Jeff Beck

buy it and hear a real audio clip on

In My Life

**click on images to see full size**

1: pose from 1999 skate america

2: layback | 3: pose | 4: spiral | all from 2000 nationals

Spiral, J. B. Mittan
5: spiral | from 2000 worlds

other photos from 1999 skate america:

photos from 2000 worlds:
mid jump
hearing scores
end pose

cow graphic :-D

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
photo 1: Michelle Wojdyla
photos 2-4: © Richard M. Hartman
photo 5 and small photo:© J. Barry Mittan
cow graphic: original cow photo © Brummel and Brown, graphic designed by me as a gift for Liz D.