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a shrine to excellence, michael's michelle kwan page

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**may take a bit to load, please be patient**

I made these animations using Animation Shop and Paint Shop Pro.
Feel free to use them as ezboard personal pics, but get permission before using them on websites. You'll also need to save them to your own server.
Know file size restrictions before using on ezboards! The personal pic restriction at MKF is 100k.

#3, a tribute to 3 world titles

#4, a tribute to the "Hands" program

A "Most Beautiful" smile


#5, a glance at Michelle's 2000-2001 season thru Nationals

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
Animations courtesy of Michael Allison

Most photos in the animations are AP, if you feel as though one or more photos are not credited properly, please email me your concern.