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skated at:

1998 world professional championships (1st)
1999 nationals (1st)
1999 worlds (2nd)
2000 grand prix final (2nd)

type of program: long program

song info:
scenes dramatiques: scene finale, melodrame from orchestral suite no. 3
scenes de feerie: bacchannale from suite no. 6
heroidide: final
all from ariane, composed by Jules Massenet
tango: from sakat by Leonid Desyatnikov

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Massenet: Orchestral Suites 1-3 /...
(scene finale, melodrame)
Massenet: Orchestral Suites 4-7 /... (bacchannale)

**click on images to see full size**

1: reaching | 2: pose | 3: spiral | 4: catch-foot spin | from world pro. championships

5: charlotte | 6: an outside edge spiral | 7: spread eagle| all from 1999 nationals

more photos:

spiral - AP

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
photos 1-4: © J. Barry Mittan
photos 5, 6: © Ann M. Jensen
photo 7 spread eagle: © Richard M. Hartman