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beautiful world

skated at:
the 2000 keri lotion figure skating challenge (1st, individual)(1st, team)
2000 masters of figure skating (1st)
2000 skate america (1st)
2000 skate canada (2nd)
the sears canadian open (2nd)
the hershey kisses challenge skate (2nd, individual)(1st, team)
2001 grand prix final (2nd)

type of program: interpretive free program/exhibition

info: performed by Sumi Jo
composed by Julie Gold

buy it and hear a real audio clip on

Only Love


1: open pose | 2: arms open | 3: charlotte | all from masters

more pictures:

2000 keri lotion fall open:

2000 hershey kisses challenge:
layback spin

color block line: original photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
photos 1, 2, 3: These photos copyright to Andrea "Hoo" Chempinski