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fate of carmen

skated at:

1998 keri lotion figure skating classic
1998 US professional figure skating classic
1998 masters of figure skating
1999 japan open (1st)
1999 winter COI tour
1999 nationals (1st)
1999 worlds (2nd)

type of program: short program

song info:
selections from carmen-suite after bizet
composed by charles bizet
arranged by rodion shchedrin

buy it from
Bizet, Shchedrin: Carmen / James...

**click on images to see full size**

1: end pose

2: on the ice | 3: an interesting pose | 4: y spin | all from nationals

5: pose | 6: spiral | 7: end pose

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Woldjya, used with permission
small Carmen and photos 2-4: © Ann M. Jensen
photos 1, 5-7: © J. Barry Mittan