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east of eden
(2001-2002 season)

skated at:
2001 goodwill games (2nd)
2001 masters of figure skating (2nd)
2001 skate america (1st)
2001 skate canada (3rd)

type of program:
short program/exhibition

song info:
by Lee Holdridge
from the television miniseries "East of Eden"

buy it:
EOE cover
Beastmaster/Splash/Going Home


1: opening pose | 2: opening pose | 3: pose
4: y-spin | 5: layback spin | 6: spiral | 7: end pose | all from goodwill games

8. spiral | 9. skating | 10. waving | all from skate america

more pictures:

goodwill games:
mid jump
kick/spiral 2

skate america:
landing jump
sit spin
marks from iskater

skate canada:
falling leaf
layback spin
y spin

color block line: original photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
photos 1-7: © by J. Barry Mittan
photos 8-10: © by Richard M. Hartman