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lyra angelica

skated at:

1997 skate america (1st)

1997 skate canada (1st)
1998 nationals (1st)
1998 nagano winter olympics (2nd)
1998 world championships (1st)

type of program: long program

song info:
1: lyra angelica
composed By william alwyn
performed by nicholas daniel, rachel masters, stephen tees, with london sinfonia
conducted by richard hickox
2: gymnopaedie #3
composed by erik satie

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Alwyn: Lyra Angelica, Pastoral Fantasia,...

Satie: Orchestral Works


1: spiral | 2: skating | 3: pose | from skate america

4: end | 5: end pose

6: spiral | from worlds

more pictures:

from nationals:
end spin
end of program

from the olympics:
olympic podium: 1 | 2  

from worlds:

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
small photo, photos 2-5: © J. Barry Mittan
photo 1, 6 spirals: © Ann M. Jensen