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skated at:
1996 coi
1996 too hot to skate
1997 hershey kisses challenge

type of program: exhibition/interpretive free program

song info:
1: just around the riverbend; performed by judy kuhn
2: listen with your heart; performed by linda hunt and bobbi page
3: farewell; instrumental
all songs:
music by alan menken, lyrics by stephen schwartz

buy it:
Pocahontas: An Original Walt Disney...

hear it:
listen with your heart: midi


pose skating waving spiral
1: pose | 2: skating | 3: waving | 4: spiral | from too hot to skate

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
listen with your heart midi: © The Unofficial Pocahontas Home Page
photos 1-3, courtesy of Amanda Belfiore
photo 4, thanks Noelle!