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the red violin

skated at:
1999 world championships
1999 skate america (1st)

1999 skate canada (1st)
2000 grand prix final (2nd)
2000 us national championships
2000 world championships (1st)

type of program: exhibition, long program

song info:
1. I. Cremona: Main Title
2. I. Cremona: Death of Anna
3. I. Cremona: The Red Violin
4. I. Cremona: Anna's Theme
all composed by John Corigliano, performed by Joshua Bell
from "The Red Violin" soundtrack

buy it and hear music clips on

The Red Violin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


1: ina bauer | from 1999 worlds

2: podium (all three shown in full pic) | from skate canada

3: skating | 4: camel spin | 5: pose | all from 2000 nationals

more pictures:

2000 worlds:
layback spin
post-skate joy
reacting to marks
with her gold medal

my screenshots:
2000 worlds - long program

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
first small photo, photo 1: © Phil Cole
photo 2: © J. Barry Mittan
photo 3, 4, 5: © Richard M. Hartman