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a shrine to excellence, michael's michelle kwan page

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these are pictures I have taken the time to get from the television.
I used a snappy v3.0 for most, but for some I used computer videos.
please obtain permission before using them on other websites
as graphics, photo gallery pictures, etc.

tours, interviews, miscellaneous

1998 nationals
-on my own (exhibition)

2000 world championships
-red violin (long program)

2001 national championships
-east of eden (short program)

2001 grand prix final
-east of eden (short program)
-song of the black swan (long program I)
-the miraculous mandarin (long program II)

2000 champions on ice tour
-the world is not enough (exhibition)

today show interview (2/08/01)

2001 champions on ice tour (fort lauderdale)
-opening, backstage, this time around (exhibition), closing

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Woldjya, used with permission