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taj mahal

skated at:
1996 skate america
1996 trophy lalique
1996 u.s. postal service challenge

1997 nationals (2nd)
1997 champion series final
1997 worlds (2nd)

type of program: long program

song info:
1: gulistan bayaty shiraz (symphonic mugam)
composed by fikret amirov
2: "lion of the desert"
composed by maurice jarre

buy it:
for piece 1:
Amirov: Orchestral Works


1: spiral | from nationals

2: opening pose | 3: spiral | from nationals

4: skating | 5: y-spin | 6: end | from worlds

Color Block Line: Original Photo © Michelle Woldjya, used with permission
small picture: © J. Barry Mittan
photo 1 spiral: © Richard M. Hartman
photos 2-7: © J. Barry Mittan