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skated at:

1997 nationals (2nd)
1997 champion series final
1997 worlds (2nd)

type of program: exhibition

interesting tidbit:
michelle choreographed this program herself,
in honor of her friend, harris, who passed away
during the 1997 summer coi tour.

song info:
written and performed by tori amos

buy it at
buy Tori Amos' CD!
Little Earthquakes

sound clips:
the .ram and .asx files are from tori amos' official site
ram | asx | ra | midi

**click on images to see full size**

Winter Pose, by J. B. Mittan Winter Pose, by J. B. Mittan
1: pose | 2: pose

more pictures:

color block line: original photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
small photo and photos 1, 2:
© J. Barry Mittan