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a shrine to excellence, michael's michelle kwan page

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michelle info>

michelle's biography
-story of michelle's life

michelle's profile
-vital stats on michelle

how to contact michelle
-a list of mailing addresses for michelle which you can use to write her a letter or send her a present.

get michelle's autograph
-different techniques that you can use to get michelle's autograph

michelle on television
-tv listings of competitions or other shows that michelle will be in

links to other michelle kwan pages
-other michelle kwan websites you can visit

links to other figure skating pages
-general figure skating and other figure skater's pages

michelle kwan and figure skating webrings
-webrings and banner networks that I belong to

links to non-skating pages
-interesting websites which you may find to your liking if you aren't in the figure skating mood.

competition news
-old competition coverage, featuring michelle.

other news
-old news on michelle's life and skating.

-information, photos, and sound files of michelle's programs from 1993-present

-animations I have made, most are 60 x 60 pixels

photos off ice
-pictures of michelle off the ice

miscellaneous photos on the ice
-photos from practice, training, etc.

-screenshots of mine, of michelle on and off the ice

support buttons
-graphics I have made to cheer on Michelle, use them on your site or in your signature to show off your love of michelle!

awards this site has received
-awards that this site has won

banners for this site
-banner graphics to link to this site, in a prettier way than just a plain link.

the pet michelle
-an advertisement I made for a "Pet Michelle," although not real, you can place a button on your site or signature saying that you have "adopted" the Pet Michelle

color block line: original photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
small "Hands" pic: original photo courtesy of the Associated Press