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a shrine to excellence, michael's michelle kwan page

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my thanks

here is my page of thank-yous to the people who helped me make this site possible.

a HUGE thank-you goes to Grace:
-Grace was the person I turned to with my prototypes of this site and graphics. she was also generous enough to get me a copy of the Dreamweaver software, which I used to build most of this site, Adobe Photoshop and Jasc Animation Shop, which I used for most of the graphics. Grace was the first person I told way back in the fall of 2000 that I was building a new site, and she offered to give me feedback whenever possible. she also looked over this site once it was uploaded before it was opened to make sure it was ready to be opened to the public.

thanks to Michelle Wojdyla:
-this fantastic skating photographer allowed me to use her wonderful photo from 1999 skate america as the main graphic throughout my site.

thanks to J. Barry Mittan, Ann M. Jensen, Andrea "Hoo" Chempinsky, Richard and Antoinette Hartman, David Roles, and all of the photographers whose pictures I used on my site:
-this site would not be possible without these wonderful, friendly photographers who allow us webmasters to use their pictures on our sites.

thanks to Liz:
-MOOOOOO!!! thanks for giving me constructive feedback and giving my site a look-over before I opened it to the public! Some of my screenshots are made from a video that Liz sent me of 2001 nationals.

thanks to Heather Winfield:
-Heather gave my site a nice look-over before I opened it. I was honored to have the "webmistress extrordinaire," who has her own extensive site to update, give some help to an underdog. Thanks so much Heather! I'm proud to be a Winfield fan! ;)

thanks to Hadas:
-yeah, WHATEVER! thanks for giving me the motivation (i.e. threat of public humiliation [long story]) to finish this site! But, seriously, you were a great motivation. Thanks for all the help, and I'm so glad you liked the site!

thanks to Amelia:
-Hey CelloDiva, you rock! Just over 24 hours before the opening of this site, and you are finding bugs and reporting them so well! You have a good eye, my little grasshopper ;)

and an GIGANTIC thanks to all of the people who visit my site everyday:
-thanks so much for checking this page out!!!

Color Block Line and small photo: Original Photo © Michelle Wojdyla, used with permission
small photo: original photo taken by Elise Amendola - AP